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Business Immigration Solicitors

Remedy Solicitors is a specialist employment law and business immigration legal practice.  We provide top quality personalised services for your business immigration needs, at highly competitive rates compared to our peers.

The principal at the firm, Ashok Kanani, is a specialist employment law and business immigration solicitor. We provide services for individuals and businesses with regard to applications for entry clearance under the points based tier system for work visa, switching tiers, applying for further leave to remain and student visas.

We can assist you with switching within the tiers, applications for permanent residence permits, indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation.

Fines and Criminal offence for employing illegal migrants

Employers must check that the individuals they employ have the right to work in the UK.  Failure to carry out the checks can lead to liability for fines up to £20,000 and as well as criminal sanctions, including prison sentences.

Remedy Solicitors specialises in employment law and business immigration and can advise and assist with work visa applications and the employment laws regarding dismissal and discrimination.

Business Immigration and EU & EEA Nationals

Until Brexit is implemented nationals of the European Union and the outside states that form the European Economic Area, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, can continue to work, study, carry out business or invest in the UK under EU Treaty rights.

Latest Government guidance on Brexit (14 May 2018) is that:

  • “People who, by 31 December 2020, have been continuously and lawfully living here for 5 years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely by getting ‘settled status’. That means they will be free to live here, have access to public funds and services and go on to apply for British citizenship.
  • People who arrive by 31 December 2020, but won’t have been living here lawfully for 5 years when we leave the EU, will be able to apply to stay until they have reached the 5-year threshold.
  • EU citizens and their family members in the UK will need to apply to get their status document. Getting this status will prove (for example, to employers or public service providers) that they have permission to continue living and working here in future. The application fee will be no more than the cost charged to British citizens for a UK passport. If you already have a valid permanent residence document, it will be free.”

The current fee for an adult passport is £75.50 if you apply online, or £85.00 for a paper application.

Remedy Solicitors can help you

As a specialist employment law and business immigration legal practice, Remedy Solicitors can advise and assist you with your application for a permanent residence card and naturalisation (British citizenship) application.

If you are an employer and want to know how you could help your EU/EEA employees with residence applications or other immigration application give us a call to discuss how we could help.

Business immigration under the points based tier system

Entry into the UK for the purposes of work, study, business and investment is through the country’s points based system, which categorises entry clearance into five “tiers”. They are:

Tier 1

  •  (Exceptional Talent) Migrants
  •  (Entrepreneur) Migrants
  •  (Investor) Migrants
  •  (Graduate Entrepreneur) Migrants

 Tier 2

  • (Intra-company transfer) Migrants
  • (General) Migrants
  • (Minister of Religion) Migrants
  • (Sportsperson) Migrants

 Tier 3

  • This tier is not in use.

Tier 4

  • (General) Student
  • (Child) Student

 Tier 5

  • (Temporary Worker) Migrants
  • (Youth Mobility Scheme) Migrants