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Employment Solicitors Wimbledon

Employment Law Specialists Wimbledon and Nearby Areas

We are a specialist employment solicitors legal practice in London and Wimbledon area. With over a decade’s experience in the area of employment law, our employment solicitor provides top quality legal services on settlement agreements, unfair dismissal and fair work, at highly competitive rates. We know that individuals wanting advice from an employment solicitor will often want the advice urgently. We can usually arrange telephone consultations at short notice and out of office hours and have an office in Wimbledon.

Settlement agreement solicitors Wimbledon

Employment solicitors specialise in the laws that concern the relationship between employers and employees.

If you are an employee,  the reason you will be looking to consult an employment solicitor is probably when you have issues at work, including your job coming to an end. Settlement agreements are commonly used when an employment comes to an end by mutual agreement between employer and employee.

Settlement agreements require employees to obtain independent legal advice from a solicitor on the terms and effect of the agreement. For this reason, most employers will usually pay for the legal costs of the employee receiving advice on the terms and effect of the agreement.

Unfair dismissal solicitors Wimbledon

Call us to for an assessment of whether your dismissal from work may be unfair dismissal. At Remedy solicitors, we have over a decade’s experience in dealing with employment tribunal litigation and are experts in assessing whether a dismissal might have been unfair.

Fair Work Solicitors Wimbledon

If you are facing unfairness at work, the first step that you take is likely to be raising a workplace grievance. As fair work solicitors we can advise you on how to raise with your employer issues concerning discrimination, exclusion, over scrutiny of your work, excessive workload and bullying and harassment.