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Tier 2 Migrants

General migrants and Intra-company transfers

The Tier 2 category is used to fill skills gaps in the labour market.  It has the following business visa sub-categories:

• general migrant; and
• intra-company transfers.

You need a sponsor to apply under tier 2. UK based employers must apply for a license from the Home Office to employ tier 2 migrants. However, even if an employer has a license this does not guarantee the individual will be granted entry clearance. The individual must meet the requirements.

We can help you with your Tier 2 application

Remedy solicitors is a specialist employment and business immigration law practice and can provide expert assistance with your application for a tier 2 visa. The below is a brief guide to the conditions you will need to meet to maximize your chances of getting entry clearance.

Tier 2 General migrant route

You can apply for a general migrant tier 2 visa if:

  • you’ve been offered a skilled job in the UK; and
  • you are not from one of the countries within European Economic Area.

Skilled means that your educational qualifications must be at degree level and above. This requirement is waived for occupations where there is a skills shortage – most commonly there are health professionals, for example nurses, and engineers. A full list is published by the Home Office.

Tier 2 Intra-company transfers

Your employer will be able to transfer you into the UK to one of their group companies if you are taking up a training position or a skilled job. There must be a specific vacancy that is being filled which the employer was unable to fill with a UK or EEA.

General requirement for tier 2 entry clearance

Before you apply for a tier 2 visa, you should meet the following conditions:

• you must have the valid certificate of sponsorship for your job;
• you must have the certifications to show you have the level of English language that is specified in the Rules;
• your salary must meet the minimum salary requirements;
• you must have maintenance funds to support yourself in the Uk for the period between you arriving and starting the job;
• You must not previously have been in breach of UK immigration rules;
• you must pay the immigration surcharge when making your application; and
• you must not have been in the UK with entry clearance or leave to remain under tier 2 in the last 12 month before you make your application (subject to certain exceptions, including having a salary of at least £159,600).

The fees for the application vary and start for about £400. The maximum time you can get entry clearance under tier 2 is 5 years.

If you need assistance and advice on your visa application, give us a call to see how we could assist.