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Tier 1 entry clearance requirements for investors

You can apply for entry clearance under the tier 1 investor category if you have financial investments to make in the UK  of at least £2 million. One of the benefits of this category for entry clearance is that there is no requirement to have the minimum English language level application under other entry clearance categories. You must be over the age of 18 to apply under this category. 

There are very detailed rules concerning the financial investments you have available to make in the UK. These include requirements to provide confirmation from the bank that you have at least £2m available to invest in the UK.  You may be required to show when the bank account was opened, what was the source of the funds and numerous documents will need to be provided to the Home Office as evidence to support your application.  

It is important that you provide the evidence and as much supporting evidence as necessary. The immigration officer will be entitled to refuse an application where there is doubt on whether the applicant actually controls the funds or there are suspicions that the money was obtained by unlawful means.

The leave under Tier 1 investor is initially for a period of 3 years. If you are granted entry clearance under this route you will be entitled to apply for an extension of the leave, which you must do before the 3 years are up. Various provisions exist for the family members of tier 1 migrant visa holders to apply to join them.

How we can help

As a specialist employment law and business immigration legal practice, Remedy Solicitors can advise and assist you with your application for a entry clearance into the UK under the tier system. If you are an entrepreneur or investor, we can also offer services in employment law, including contracts of employment and advice on UK legislation concerning the employer-employee relationship.