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Employment tribunal claims

Latest official statistics on employment tribunal claims, released on 14 March, show that the number of claims being made is on the up. In the quarter ending 31 December 2018, single case claims were up 23% on the previous quarter. The average time it takes for a case to reach an outcome in an employment tribunal is 30 weeks. The types of claims that are being made most often are for breach of contract, disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, redundancy related claims and wages claims.

While the number of claims is on the up, the historic figures show that the percentage of successful claims was only 10% in 2017/18, having ranged from 3% to 13% in recent years. However, the figures also show that around 25-30% of claims are settled through Acas. But around 20% of claims are either unsuccessful or struck out.

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