Employment Law
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Employment Lawyer, Old Street

Employment Lawyer Old Street

A specialist employment lawyer legal practice in central and greater London, we advise regularly on settlement agreements, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination and breach of contract. We can usually arrange telephone consultations at short notice and out of normal office office hours. Meetings can be arranged at our offices in Old Street. Call us to make an appointment.

What does an employment solicitor do?

Employment solicitors specialise in the laws that concern the relationship between employers and employees.

If you an employee,  probably the reason you will be looking to consult an employment solicitor is when you have some issues at work, including your job coming to an end. It could be that you want to raise a grievance, or you are facing disciplinary or performance proceedings at work, or dismissal or when you have been given a settlement agreement. You may want advice on whether you have a claim for unfair dismissal, discrimination or breach of contract. As specialist employment solicitors, our aim is to provide you with efficient, focused and cost effective solutions for your particular situation.

Employment Solicitor Services

With over a decade’s experience in the area of employment law, the principal of the firm is an expert employment solicitor.  Call us to make an appointment to review your settlement agreements, and advice on unfair dismissal, discrimination and disciplinary and grievances matters.