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Disciplinaries and Grievances at Work

Disciplinary and grievance issues at work – the Acas Code of Practice

The Acas Code provides practical guidance for employees and employers on disciplinary and grievance matters, and should be followed unless there were reasonable grounds for not doing so.

A failure to follow the Acas Code does not in itself gives grounds for employment tribunal proceedings. However, this is something that an employment tribunal would take into account when deciding on a case, and, if it considers it just and equitable to do so, it may adjust up or down any award it makes to the employee by up to 25%.

Employees have a statutory right to be accompanied by a workplace colleague or trade union representative into disciplinary and grievance hearings.

How Remedy Solicitors can help

We know that it is very stressful for employees undergoing disciplinary or grievance procedures at work.

We have expertise in advising employees going through disciplinary procedures at work, as well as advising aggrieved employees in raising a grievance at work. As well as expert legal advice and assistance, we provide strategic guidance. This can make a significant impact on the outcome of matters.

We also advise on settlement agreements, discussions on which often arise during the course of workplace disciplinary and grievance investigations.